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Decorative Wall Vase


This cute vase will look great on a wall by itself, or above a shelf. It comes in 1 color vinyl and will accent your decor.

Our vinyl is matte finish and looks hand painted on the wall. If you would like color samples of our vinyl, please use the “contact us” tab to request your samples.

If you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, contact us for a custom design. Custom design prices will vary.

Easy-to-follow instructions and an application smoothing tool are included.

  • *Graphic color

    Click here to see color chart. Window opens in a new tab so please return to this page to select color from drop down box below.

Additional information


Approx 12 inches x 5 inches $15.95, Approx 16 inches x 6 inches $17.95, Approx 20 inches x 8 inches $20.95