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Frequently Asked Questions

I need a quote not shown on your site. How can I get a custom quote?

You can use our custom order form or call us at 1-888-230-9051. We love to help customers create their quote ideas and personalize their home.

Can a quote be made in a font not shown on your site?

If you would like a specific font that we do not have listed, please contact us and we will work with you to make your quote in that font. We have a smaller selection listed on the site to simplify the selection process.

Can I make a quote an exact size not listed on the site?

Just contact us with your order and e-mail or call with your dimensions. We will make sure the quote is the appropriate size for your project. If you have questions about sizing, please feel free to contact us.

What kind of material are the words made of?

We use a semi-removable vinyl that will not hurt your walls when you are finished using them. Our vinyl is matte finish so there is no shine or glare on your words. This gives the words a more painted look.

Are the words removable?

The words are only temporary so when you are ready to change your decor, you can just peel them off the walls. The easiest way to get them off is to use a hair dryer to heat them up and peel off with tweezers. Our letters may peel some paint off but will not harm the walls texture. Just a little touch up paint and you are ready to go.

What is the material used to create wall quotes?

Wall quotes are made of a thin vinyl material. It is 3mm thick so they look hand painted. We only use matte finish vinyl so it gives the appearance of hand painted. The vinyl we use a semi-removable vinyl as not to harm the walls.

What is your return policy?

Pre-designed orders can be exchanged for store credit or color change. In order to get an exchange or store credit, product must be mailed back to us within 30 days intact and good condition.

Refunds are not given unless it is a mistake on our part and product must be returned for a full refund.

All of our products are made at the time of order and can not be put back into inventory.

No refunds on custom orders – all sales final. Please be careful when placing custom orders to ensure everything is correct.

Will vinyl wall lettering stick to any surface?

Vinyl wall lettering will stick to almost any non-porous, smooth surface. Recommended surfaces are painted walls, windows, mirrors, glass, sealed wood, and smooth metal. Lightly textured walls are usually not a problem, but medium to heavy textures can have issues. Vinyl wall products are not recommended for rough or uneven surfaces such as cinder block, brick, stucco, unfinished wood, or any other surface that is bumpy or porous. Some painted walls can be an issue depending on your paint. It is always recommended to wait 3-4 weeks after painting to apply vinyl lettering. Some matte, semi-gloss, and scrubbable paints may have issues. We usually experience this with paints that have a “teflon” or “silicone” coating to make them easy to clean. We recommend that you request a test sample prior to ordering your vinyl wall products.

What does the vinyl manufacturer recommend for installation?

Wall graphics do not perform well when applied to zero VOC latex paint coatings. Wall graphics must be applied to a clean, smooth, dry and non-porous interior surface. Freshly applied paint should be allowed to cure for a minimum of three full weeks before wall graphic application. Finished graphics shipped to customers should be removed from packaging and stored flat at room temperature for 24 hours before application.

Surface Preparation

When preparing a wall for a graphic, keep in mind that not all surfaces are suitable for vinyl film application. Wall graphics can be applied successfully only to surfaces that are clean, dry, smooth and non-porous.
Any of the following conditions can cause poor adhesion or product failure:

  • Highly textured walls
  • Poor initial paint bond
  • Poorly painted wall edges
  • Patched areas that have not been primed before painting
  • Moisture behind the drywall, which can cause the drywall paper to release. Walls with cooling systems or water pipes behind them may be prone to condensation.
  • High humidity areas including (but not limited to) garages, entryways, and bathrooms
  • Dust, dirt, or other contaminants on the wall
  • Wallpaper or other wall coverings
  • Cuts made to the graphic during the installation process may cause curling or lifting.
  • Freshly painted walls that have not had ample time to cure. Wall graphics tend to bubble and release from the wall while paint is in the curing process.

Painted Surfaces

If your wall is to be newly painted, the goal is to achieve a good bond between the substrate and the primer/paint. When applying the primer, it is important to use a high-quality, oil-based primer such as those available from Kilz®or Zinsser®. Once the primer is dry, apply two coats of a high-quality semi-gloss or gloss enamel paint to ensure a cohesive bond between the paint and primer.

When applying graphics to heavily tinted paints that have more than 1 oz. of tint per gallon, keep in mind that the surfactants and colorants that make up darker paint colors often take longer to outgas. Avoid matte or flat finish latex paints and paints that use anti-graffiti agents. When applying the paint, use a 3/8” nap roller cover to reduce stippling. Once the paint has had ample time to cure, it’s important to clean the surface immediately before applying the film. Dust and other contaminants can collect quickly on the wall and prevent the film from adhering properly. Wipe down the wall with a dry tack cloth or a lint-free microfiber cloth to remove any dust, paying attention to the wall’s edges and corners.